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WWII-era survivor shares life story
« on: March 19, 2017, 10:29:25 AM »
WWII-era survivor shares life story
    STEPHANIE ESTERS THE SOUTHERN Mar 18, 2017 Updated 21 hrs ago 1

MURPHYSBORO — Marielis McCormick has heard people often wonder aloud why the German people did not do more to prevent or fight against Adolf Hilter's repressive and murderous campaigns, especially against the Jewish people.

If they were anything like her family in Germany, they were trying to stay under the radar of Hitler and his officers, being careful about whom they talked about the war with or not talking at all and doing what they were told in their own labor camps, otherwise trying to survive.

Just having finished high school, McCormick, who is Christian, said she found herself being sent to a sort of labor camp in Germany, where her first day the farmer's pregnant wife asked her to help deliver her baby — she said all she could do was hold the woman's hand — and then trying to milk a cow or plow a field, nothing the daughter of a parish pastor had ever had to do before. She said some Germans were not aware of what was happening to their Jewish neighbors during the Holocaust.

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