Author Topic: The Air Force's Secret Space Shuttle Has Been In Space 636 Days With No Plans To Come Down Yet  (Read 123 times)

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The Air Force's Secret Space Shuttle Has Been In Space 636 Days With No Plans To Come Down Yet
Jason Torchinsky
Wednesday 6:45pmFiled to: Spacelopnik

Despite some hints that the Air Force’s tiny re-usable space plane, the X-37B, would be returning to Earth after a long, secretive mission, it looks like that’s not the case, and the little shuttle will continue to circle the globe, conducting its devious, secret little experiments.

The last mission for the X-37B was 675 days, so we’re not even in record territory yet, but that may still happen.

This is only the fourth actual mission of an X-37B (there’s two of them), but since those missions tend to last so long, the spacecraft has amassed a pretty impressive record for time in space. I’m not exactly certain, But I suspect that the X-37B has spent more time in orbit than the Mercury and Gemini programs combined, even.
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