Author Topic: Poll: Should the US Put Boots on the Ground in Syria? A Defense Department official told CNN that US ground forces could be deployed to Syria to fight ISIS. Is this a good idea?  (Read 473 times)

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Another "no".

At this point, the only thing that will bring "peace" to Syria is, say, 30 or so thermonuclear bombs, properly placed.

Since we can't do that, might be best to let them fight it out and thereby reduce the muslim surface population.

We should try to get Christians out, if possible. They don't deserve this.
I couldn't care less about the muslims.

Have we learned NOTHING?

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Forces loyal to Assad,
ISIS terrorists,
Obama-backed rebels,
Communist Kurds,

are trying to kill each other.
While they fight each other, they leave Israel alone
There are virtually no Christians left
Syria doesn't have much oil

we have no other interest in the area, other than John McCain's pride.


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A lot of the war is over there; I even saw some map on the BBC that shows ISIS controls a whole lot less than what is on that map now.

But terrorism will still happen, attacks, even drone bombs.

It's also a bit questionable as to the relationship of Syria/Iran vs. ISIS; I mean, yes, they all hate each other but who knows if the Americans were in the picture.  Syria/Iran are not to be trusted.
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The only one calling for this dumb move is McCain.

Adding the word dumb to any comment pertaining to McCain is just plain piling on, they're synonymous.
And I agree not just NO, but HELL NO!
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No and we should stop arming and training the rebels (terrorists) too.
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In a sense, it might be too late to say "no"; I believe an article was posted here the other day that we have already sent some troops in who are in combat and more than advisors but it could be a very small amount. I will look it up later.

But certainly not a large number of troops are active in Syria. 500? 1500?
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