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The bravery that saved Anne Frank's diary from the Nazis: Fern Ruth Levy (Opinion)

CLEVELAND -- The world almost did not know Anne Frank, a writer whose diary and contribution to Holocaust literature has been taken for granted for the last 70 years, after first being published in Holland in 1947.

Thrown on the floor as trash by the Nazi police on the August morning when the Frank family and the others were forced into a police van and taken to a prison in Amsterdam, Anne's writings would have been put in the garbage by the moving company hired to confiscate the furniture and belongings of rounded-up Jews, a task usually accomplished within days of their arrest.

The red-orange, plaid, cloth-covered autograph book, which Anne had filled up within six months; the other notebooks; and the 300-plus loose pages that were full of Anne's self-critical insights and the general mood of despair and fear that filled the hiding place for more than two years all lay on the floor of the small bedroom that she had shared with her parents and sister.


This is mainly labelled an opinion piece because a non-journalist submitted this essay to the newspaper.
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