Author Topic: 10 Galaxy S8 Features to Help Samsung Restore Its Mobile Market Cred  (Read 251 times)

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Samsung has suffered a rough 2016, dealing with intense competition while having to do damage control on its brand image after Galaxy S7 notes with defective rechargeable batteries started catching fire and exploding. One way Samsung is trying to recover is by ramping up development of the next edition of its flagship Galaxy S smartphone line. Samsung already has confirmed it’s planning a new high-end handset for early next year. While the company hasn’t said what its plans are for the smartphone, which is assumed to be known as the Galaxy S8, that hasn’t stopped the rumor mill from churning out reports. Over the past several weeks, rumors have suggested the Galaxy S8 will include a high-end processor, a brand-new virtual personal assistant and a dramatically improved camera that could best the Google Pixel’s lens. Add that to rumors of long battery life and new Home Button placement, and the Galaxy S8 sounds like a potentially appealing smartphone for next year. This slide show will discuss the rumors surrounding Samsung’s next handset. If the company gets the design of the Galaxy S8 right, that could go a long way toward making the Note7 debacle a less painful memory.

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