Author Topic: Email Shows Clinton Camp Discussing ‘Making an Example’ Out of Leakers – Seth Rich Murder Still Unsolved  (Read 374 times)

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Email Shows Clinton Camp Discussing ‘Making an Example’ Out of Leakers – Seth Rich Murder Still Unsolved

Joseph Jankowski

Within the 22nd round of the John Podesta email dumped by WikiLeaks, one email shows Clinton campaign strategist Joel Benson and Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta discussing ‘making an example out of’ suspected campaign allies that leak information about the Clinton presidential operation.

The February 2015 email begins with Joel Benson expressing his concern over loose lips closely tied to Clinton that had talked to the press.

While citing an article in the Washington Post that covered how Hillary Clinton had recruited consumer marketing specialists onto her team of trusted political advisers and cited sources close to the would-be presidential candidate at the time, Benson says that anyone whose name that is mentioned in the news shortly after meeting with Hillary should be disconnected from the campaign.

“But this is by far the most damaging story and most damaging type of story we can have,” Benson said in the email. “The press will love writing these. I did when I was a reporter.”


Despite the source, a little known website posting this, this does seem to be a valid question.[1]-ben_1468872234.pdf[/center]

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