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Frontline: Divided States of America
« on: January 19, 2017, 08:09:31 PM »
Frontline:Divided States of America

Just watched the 2 hour part one of this series,and it was both very balanced and very interesting. The producers interviewed many of the movers and shakers behind what went on behind the scenes from the time Obama left the Illinois Senate to the US Senate,and how he was talked into running for president "Now,before you have a record of votes that makes it harder (or maybe impossible.Operating from memory here.) for you to run and win in the future. IIRC,it was Tom Daschle that revealed this.

It goes on to discuss his early days,the push for Obama Care and the dirty deals done in the background that splintered the alleged (MY adjective) Republican Party and resulted in the rise of the Tea Party.

It also did an excellent job of detailing how McLunatic brain farts and how he dealt with Sarah Palin and defended Obama during the election cycle was Ground Zero for that splintering and the creation of the Tea Party that led to the Republicans taking over control of Congress despite being vastly outnumbered at the start. It even highlights how after Ted Kennedy died his Senate seat in Mass went Republican for the first time in over 40 years.

All of which ended up step by step leading to "outsiders" taking the Republican Party away from the professional deal-makers,and ended up resulting in the election of Donald Trump,the final verdict on the presidency of Obama,and the probable end of his ONLY accomplishment while President,Obama Care. Which in itself should go a long ways towards revealing why he is planning on remaining in DC and operating as a "shadow president" to try to prevent this from happening.

This is just an overview that hits some of the high (low?) spots. They revealed some things I didn't know,and reminded me of other events I had forgotten about.

Getting ready to view the 2 hour final in a few minutes. I highly recommend viewing this two-part series to everyone who even has a casual interest in big-league politics.

If  you can't find it on your local PBS station,you can stream it by going to PBS.COM and using Frontline:Divided States of America as the keywords.


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