Author Topic: Report: Verizon, still the frontrunner to buy Yahoo, submits $3 billion bid  (Read 356 times)

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The telecom giant submitted a $3 billion bid for Yahoo's core media business on Monday, the Wall Street Journal reported late last night.

Monday marked Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer's deadline for second-round bids. Other first-round bidders, including a number of private equity firms, were expected to submit competing bids in the range of $2-3 billion, according to the Journal.......

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I can't even count the number of failed suitors for YAHOO in the past.

Off the top of my head: AT&T, Microsoft, CBS, Alibaba, Disney, Google ....

Perhaps Verizon will succeed this time as Yahoo seems to be in the financial doldrums.


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$3 billion seems like a bit much, like $2.7 billion too much.

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