Author Topic: Conservative Black Civil Rights Leader Calls AG Eric Holder a ‘Coward’  (Read 200 times)

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Conservative Black Civil Rights Leader Calls AG Eric Holder a ‘Coward’

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Posted: August 25, 2014
In 2009, Obama Attorney General Eric Holder, the first sitting attorney general in U.S. history to be held in contempt of Congress, said in his first public speech in office that America is a “nation of cowards” when it comes to discussing race relations.

“Though this nation has proudly thought of itself as an ethnic melting pot, in things racial, we have always been and continue to be, in too many ways, essentially a nation of cowards,” Holder said in February, 2009.

And Holder didn’t say something so inflammatory by accident. In July of this year, Holder continued to stand by his smear, telling ABC News in an interview, “I wouldn’t walk away from that speech,” he said about his 2009 speech where he called Americans cowards. “I think we are still a nation that is too afraid to confront racial issues.”

Holder has continued to fan the flames of racial tensions in the aftermath of the police shooting Michael Brown, a black adult in Ferguson, Missouri.

So it was refreshing to see Niger Innis, National Spokesman for the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) and the Executive Director of, call Holder out for his shameful words:

“Vengeance is not justice,” Dr. Alveda King interjected. that we have to “K-N-O-W peace,” and “K-N-O-W justice,” rather than jumping to conclusions about who’s guilty before the facts are in. “We need the facts,” she told Hannity.

Niger Innis [...] agreed with Dr. King, telling Hannity that thorough investigation must be conducted, instead of rushing to conclusions, as Missouri’s Democrat Governor Jay Nixon, did when he called for the prosecution of the police officer before the facts are in.

“When is comes to issues as sensitive as race, you investigate. You don’t come out and make judgment–you don’t do what the governor did which was stupid, and talk about a ‘rigorous prosecution,’” Innis told Hannity while quoting Nixon.

“Is Eric Holder the right guy?” Hannity asked Innis, “the guy who said we were a ‘nation of cowards’ on race?”

“Well, he’s one of those cowards, obviously,” Innis quickly answered. “He came in and weighed in, and not operating like the attorney general for all the people of the United States, but weighing in personally on his own personal experience.”

Dr. Innis is absolutely correct, as Holder’s words have only made things worse for those who want to move past racism. This is the worst type of politics, as Holder knows how much it helps Democrats to organize against an enemy. And this rhetoric plays right into the hands of race-hustlers like Al Sharpton who profit from such tragic stories.

Innis pointed out that what Ferguson really needs is an honest and thorough investigation into what happened. America’s chief law enforcement officer shouldn’t be making calls for justice and prosecutions of law enforcement officials before anyone knows the facts.  Please share this story if you’re tired of cowardly AG Eric Holder.

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