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Fat Hamas-Loving Sword-Wielding TV Host Calls on Arabs to March on Israel w/Swords

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On August 23, 2014 @ 5:31 pm In The Point | No Comments
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Jordanian “political activist” Husam Al-Abdalat and owner of Jordan Future TV seems really enthusiastic about someone going off to fight Israelis… as long as it isn’t him.

The grotesquely obese TV station owner even brought a sword which he clumsily pulls out of its scabbard and waves around on camera to emphasize his point that someone should absolutely go fight Israel on behalf of Hamas.

Husam wants “real men” to do it. His failure to actually go and do it is an implicit admission that he isn’t a real man.

Then he gets tired of holding the sword and has to put it down.

While Husam denounces Egyptian President Al-Sisi and Saudi Arabia, he shows no sign of being willing to take his sword and give the IDF a few good laughs waddling around Gaza. Talk about hitting the broad side of a barn.

Husam whines about Saudi Arabia’s $63 billion weapons stockpile. But come on. He’s got a sword. That’s all he needs to fight Israel. If he doesn’t get a heart attack trying to lift it over his head, the IDF will die laughing.

Then he picks up the sword and says, “We want to return to the era of the swords and fight.”

Unfortunately he’s holding the sword so daintily that it’s probably a museum piece or he’s afraid of accidentally cutting himself.

“We don’t want your machine guns or RPGs,” Husam declares. “Let the Arab peoples use these swords. I am certain that the Arab and Muslim peoples want to support Gaza. They will march with their swords. If you find a single Zionist in Israel after that, get back to us.”

To which the Arab peoples say, “You first, you fat idiot.”

Here’s video of the last time Husam apparently tried to fight someone. It didn’t go well.

If only he’d had a sword.

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