Author Topic: FERGUSTAN: CNN Anchor Renames Troubled Town. Freudian slip or liberal script?  (Read 143 times)

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FERGUSTAN: CNN Anchor Renames Troubled Town

Freudian slip or liberal script?

8.23.2014 |
| Caleb Howe |

On CNN on Saturday, anchor Jim Sciutto referred to the city of Ferguson, Missouri as "Fergustan" during a segment of Newsroom covering the militarization of police departments in the United States. The slip-up occurred when he was describing gear used by police in Ferguson in the last few weeks.

"Just this hour, we learned that President Obama wants a review of federal programs that allow police departments to purchase surplus military hardware like we saw on the ground in Fergustan .. Ferguson in the last few weeks."

Of course, it will be of no surprise to anyone that this is not a new nickname for the town. Liberal megasite The Huffington Post used the term over a week ago in a blog post. Many other opinion articles have used it since. And naturally, it's been all over Twitter.

But CNN is not part of that crowd. They are straight news, not a talking points warehouse. Right?
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