Author Topic: Black Cop Kills Unarmed White War Veteran – #JusticeforJames by DW Ulsterman  (Read 1257 times)

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In 2010, Marine veteran James Whitehead had recently returned from military service when he got into an argument with off duty police officer Robert Arnold.  Arnold then shot and killed the 29-year old Whitehead.  Officer Arnold is black, James Whitehead was white.  Chances are, very few have heard of the story behind this killing.  Apparently, the colors involved just didn’t interest the Mainstream Media or Obama administration…

(James Whitehead. Witnesses say he was angry and using racial slurs just prior his being shot to death while sitting in his truck.)

(Captain Robert Arnold. Arnold had a long history of violent acts against others, including “punching a girl in the face.”)

Here’s an excerpt of the murder of James Whitehead via

he man killed was James Whitehead. An Iraq Military Veteran who was a hero to those he served with. Whitehead wanted to return a part to an auto store because the part did not work. He got upset because he was told he could not return the part. He started cursing about wanted to get a refund. The store manager called the police. The store manager said that he did not even want to press charges against Whitehead and the store manager just wanted Whitehead to leave the store. Officer Arnold was in plain clothes and never showed a police ID or a badge. Officer Arnold went outside to get cuffs to arrest Whitehead. Whitehead went outside shortly after Arnold left because Whitehead had decided to just leave and not try to argue anymore about returning the part. Officer Arnold went to Whitehead’s truck and tried to keep him from leaving, including Arnold placing his hands on Whitehead and pulling him out of the truck, according to witnesses. Whitehead cursed and said racial slurs to Arnold and told him he was not a cop and tried to get in his truck to leave. Officer Arnold then shot and killed Whitehead while Whitehead was sitting in the seat of his truck. Dr. Tommy Brown, the Jefferson County forensic pathologist who performed the autopsy on Whitehead, said that Whitehead probably was sitting in his truck when he was shot.  LINK


Whitehead’s family and friends protested his killing.  Officer Arnold was suspended “indefinitely”, but never charged for the killing of James Whitehead, the in-house investigation calling the shooting an act of self-defense. Arnold then sued the City of Orange, claiming the suspension violated his civil rights.  Arnold won a settlement payment from the city of $600,000 in 2013 – the largest in that city’s history.  Robert Arnold continues to seek employment with another police department.


The Obama administration never called for a federal investigation into the killing of war veteran James Whitehead.  No FBI agents were called in.  There was little to no national media attention devoted to the story.  No large scale Twitter or Facebook campaigns.


Just more Hope and Change in this Age of Obama, where cries for justice are very much color-coordinated…

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August 19, 2014


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