Author Topic: WHOA: Greedy Jesse Jackson Asks for Money in Ferguson, Protesters Tell Jesse to Shove It  (Read 133 times)

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WHOA: Greedy Jesse Jackson Asks for Money in Ferguson, Protesters Tell Jesse to Shove It

Author:  Editor

Posted: August 19, 2014

Whenever racial issues hit the news headlines anywhere in America, you can be sure that Al Shaprton and Reverend Jesse Jackson will soon show up to cash in.

Naturally, with Michael Brown- a black man who was shot in Ferguson, Missouri-Jackson hopped on the first plane out there!   But when he pulled out his bullhorn and asked for cash for his Rainbow/PUSH Coalition, the protesters were furious and heckled.

First hand accounts of the crowd’s overwhelmingly negative reaction were posted on Twitter:
Maybe Jesse Jackson should be more careful when standing on top of a dead 18 year old while shamelessly asking for money. This is a sensitive time, and this is hardly how a “Reverend” should be acting.

Read more:
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