Author Topic: Black Leader Condemns “Racial Arsonists” Sharpton and Jackson  (Read 212 times)

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Black Leader Condemns “Racial Arsonists” Sharpton and Jackson

By Onan Coca   / 19 August 2014   / 8 Comments   

Civil Rights activist, Executive Director of the Tea, and candidate for Congress from the state of Nevada, Niger Innis, had some harsh words for the race-baiters who have made their way to Ferguson, Missouri.

Innis was on Fox News speaking with host Greta Van Susteren when he decided to hold nothing back...
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“These racial arsonists, like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and the New Black Panther Party, they’re a disgrace. They are the villain; they are a danger to our community. They are a danger to our civilization,” Innis said.


There is a difference between being saddened and even outraged by the death of a young man, and promoting division between Americans for your own political (and economic) purposes. Men like Sharpton and Jackson are out for themselves first. If they are involved in a protest, you can bet that they’ve considered the possible outcomes, and all they see are dollar signs.

Greta and Mr. Innis have both been impressed by Captain Ron Johnson, who is now leading the law enforcement response in Ferguson. Captain Johnson has gone directly to the angry crowds and spoken openly and honestly with them as events have unfolded. He is the main reason that events in Ferguson have not gotten much worse.

We should be thankful for leaders like Innis and Johnson, who do not put themselves before the rest of us. They are working hard to unite our communities and make our nation a better place… the same cannot be said for Sharpton or Jackson.

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