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3 Major battles against illegal immigration this week!
« on: August 19, 2014, 05:55:02 AM »
3 Major battles against illegal immigration this week!

We need a strong American deployment against illegal immigration this week!

 Push the Senate to vote on our bill from the House
 Get ready to attend and organize more protests against illegal immigration
 Senate Candidate Joe Miller opposes amnesty in Alaska's election tomorrow

 1. We need you calling as many members of the US Senate as possible to back up our allies Senators Sessions and Vitter who are pushing hard to get the Senate to vote on HR 5230, which would provide more funding for border security while also ending Obama's DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) amnesty. This action currently violates numerous existing federal laws by providing aid and encouragement to illegal immigrants.

 "I'm calling to ask Senator ________ to demand a vote on HR 5230 as Senators Sessions and Vitter are demanding. This bill would do a lot to stop the Obama inspired illegal alien invasion of our nation. Democrats are going to pay a heavy price in November for blocking this bill and protecting Obama's unpopular abuses of power like his amnesty decree!"

more info at...

Senate contact list at...

 2. We need more protests and more people preparing for our next national wave. We made history on July 18-19 with protests in more than 300 locations nationwide. Now we are gearing up for Oct 24-25 and we need more protests and more people! Check our master list now to attend a protest near you or to have your protest details added by sending them to

Master list of protests against illegal immigration....

 3. There is a primary election in Alaska tomorrow Aug. 19 and one of the candidates, Joe Miller, has received our endorsement in the past. Joe Miller is currently making an issue out of his opposition to amnesty for illegal aliens and every other candidate on the ballot for US Senate supports immigration reform amnesty!

 If you are in Alaska or know someone that is, please support Joe Miller for US Senate in tomorrow's elections.

 Let's fight hard against the illegal immigration invasion of America this week!

 William Gheen and The ALIPAC Team
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