Author Topic: LA Wants to Give Democrats Free Stuff for Voting  (Read 262 times)

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LA Wants to Give Democrats Free Stuff for Voting
« on: August 18, 2014, 06:10:12 AM »
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LA Wants to Give Democrats Free Stuff for Voting

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On August 17, 2014 @ 9:17 pm In The Point | 3 Comments

Apparently that Democratic majority just isn’t majoritarian enough. Gotta lock it in a little more. What’s next? Free beer for every voter? Isn’t taxing the working people on behalf of non-working people enough? Does the liberal elite have to give out door prizes too?

Los Angeles is considering turning voting ballots into lottery tickets. With fewer than a fourth of voters showing up for recent local elections, the city’s Ethics Commission voted to recommend that the City Council consider a cash-prize drawing as an incentive to vote.

I love that this proposal comes from the Ethics Commission. It makes it so Orwellian.

Commission President Nathan Hochman said a pilot program should be used first to find out the number and size of prizes that would bump up turnout.

“Maybe it’s $25,000 maybe it’s $50,000,” Hochman said, according to the Los Angeles Times. “That’s where the pilot program comes in.”

Why not make it $25 billion. It’s the people who lose elections who pay for it these days anyway.

It wasn’t immediately clear whether there was any precedent in other cities or states for such a move, which brings with it questions of propriety and legality.

Federal law prohibits payment for voting, but Ethics Commissioner Jessica Levinson, who is also an attorney and law school professor, says that statute wouldn’t apply to elections without federal races on the ballot.

California law prohibits money or gifts for votes for a particular candidate or measure, or payment to stay away from the polls altogether.

Hochman said the proposed prizes would be for simply entering the voting booth.

“If they truly think there are no good candidates,” he said, “we’re not going to force them.

Of course the kind of voters who need prizes to show up are a self-selecting group. They’re known as Democrats.

The Democrats throw hissy fits and make fantastic claims about voter suppression. Now they’re using government power to bribe a certain group of voters to come and vote for them.

Nothing unethical to see here. It came out of the Ethics Commission.


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Re: LA Wants to Give Democrats Free Stuff for Voting
« Reply #1 on: August 18, 2014, 06:14:21 PM »

They could always do like they do in, for example, some Australian elections:  impose a fine for not voting.

Oh, wait, that would require having voter ID so we could identify who had to pay the fine for not voting.

Come to think of it, putting a small vote-or-else fine in place might be a perfect vehicle for getting voter ID into place.
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Re: LA Wants to Give Democrats Free Stuff for Voting
« Reply #2 on: August 18, 2014, 08:50:02 PM »
I would think that this would be all kinds of illegal not that it would stop democrats from doing that since that is a democratic party area.

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