Author Topic: Guess What ‘King Putz’ was Doing During the Funeral of Major Gen. Greene  (Read 250 times)

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Guess What ‘King Putz’ was Doing During the Funeral of Major Gen. Greene

August 16, 2014 By Jennifer Burke
Major General Greene is first general and highest ranking officer killed in the line of duty since the Vietnam War. It’s bad enough that after his death, Obama did not make an immediate statement. He waited until he was signing a bill to mention Major General Greene as a side comment. But, if you didn’t think Obama’s insult to the military and General Greene’s legacy and family could get any worse, you were wrong.
Byron York tweeted an update for the American people to confirm what Obama was doing during the funeral since he was not in attendance.
Unreal. The President of the United States was golfing at a ritzy golf course while our highest ranking military officer killed in battle since Vietnam was being buried. But, then again. Obama doesn’t care what the American people think. He could care less about optics.

If given a choice, he will choose golf and vacations. It’s who he is and that says volumes.
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