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Even Liberals Think Rick Perry’s Indictment Looks ‘Sketchy’

Posted By Jamie Weinstein On 3:21 PM 08/16/2014 In | No Comments

Even liberals find Rick Perry’s indictment for allegedly abusing his power hard to swallow.

Since a grand jury indicted Perry Friday, conservatives have largely dismissed the charges as being part of a political witch-hunt against the Republican Texas governor, who is considering a 2016 presidential run. But what’s most surprising is that many prominent liberals have taken to Twitter to express befuddlement over the indictment as well. (READ: Rick Perry Indicted For Targeting Drunk-Driving DA)

David Axelrod, the architect of President Barack Obama’s two presidential campaigns, tweeted that he found the indictment “pretty sketchy.”

Unless he was demonstrably trying to scrap the ethics unit for other than his stated reason, Perry indictment seems pretty sketchy.

— David Axelrod (@davidaxelrod) August 16, 2014


Jonathan Chait, the liberal New York magazine writer, tweeted he couldn’t figure out “what law [Perry] broke.”

My *very* preliminary reaction to the Rick Perry news: I don’t understand what law he broke.

— Jonathan Chait (@jonathanchait) August 15, 2014

Liberal MSNBC host Ari Melber, who holds a law degree from Cornell University, tweeted the indictment appeared to be “a major overreach.”


The Perry indictment looks like a major overreach on paper — “misuse” of gov services and coercing an official, both based on a *veto.*

— Ari Melber (@AriMelber) August 16, 2014

Liberal writer Timothy Noah declared, “Texas Democrats: I think you just messed up big time.”

Even ThinkProgress thinks the Perry indictment looks fishy. Texas Democrats: I think you just messed up big time.

— Timothy Noah (@TimothyNoah1) August 16, 2014

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