Author Topic: Some evangelicals in Republican Party are feeling left out, see no standard-bearer  (Read 297 times)

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There's really a very simple question each of us should ask ourselves:  would I and my family be better off under democrat rule or republican rule?  Would President Hillary Clinton do more damage to me and my beliefs than would any republican president?

I hope that the rational will see that, 'tis better to be a little disappointed with one's choice than to be devastated because one decided not to choose at all.

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Do you want to know why the evangelicals are feeling left out? Because their positions stink. They can't defend them, and anyone who tries to run on them will lose, if they don't run into the buzzsaw of the courts.

Marriage is a lost cause, as distant of a memory as prayer in school at this point, and the evangelicals have yet to refute the homosexual agenda's arguments on it. Compassionate conservatism doesn't work when we're trillions in debt and a liberal government has made it worse.

Maybe if these evangelicals realized you cannot trust the government to impose "Jesus culture" on the entire country they might reassess their approach. Revival cannot happen at the ballot box. They must reach the lost first, and this country has many. The fact they're failing so miserably at reaching those lost souls is the real problem here.

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Evangelicalism, all religion is a luxury.  It's easier to live on bread alone.  The word of God will not fill a belly.
Why?  Well, because I'm a bastard, that's why.

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I am NOT an Evangelical. But I'm not going to fall for the "you have to settle for the GOP because the Dims are so bad", nor am I going to settle for someone who doesn't share my concerns, and won't vote for them. And since the GOP doesn't need me, I'll leave them to the voting mercies of all those independents, Latinos, Blacks, illegals, etc., they're always sure will vote for them if they give up conservatives. As Det. Esposito on "CASTLE" likes to say, " Good luck with that".
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