Author Topic: Ferguson Protester: “Why Didn’t They Shoot Those Looters?” by DW Ulsterman  (Read 256 times)

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There is a quickly emerging disconnect between responsible and sincere Ferfuson protesters, and those who are simply taking advantage of a bad situation to riot and pillage within their own community. This contrast is perfectly outlined in this video footage of a Ferguson protester sharing his outrage at the behaviors of others following the shooting death of Michael Brown:

This entire episode exemplifies the purposeful tone of the last six years of the Obama administration. President Obama has been perhaps the single most harmful national politician for the Black community in a generation.  It has been six years marred by the evils if self-loathing victimization, void of work ethic or real hope for actual change.


Millions of Black Americans understand, at least on some level that is not yet clearly outlined to them, that they’ve been had by the very ones who claimed to care for them.  Black communities are suffering so much in America because the self-anointed Black leaders in America are such a vile and conniving lot who care little for those communities, and care far more about lining their own pockets with the profits of racial division and disparity.

Posted byulsterman
August 16, 2014

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Why aren't the "peaceful protestors" not protesting the looting,  standing in front of these businesses saying "not in our neighborhood?
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Why aren't the "peaceful protestors" not protesting the looting,  standing in front of these businesses saying "not in our neighborhood?

According to some reports - they have been. It's been a mixed bag of reports though - so a healthy handful of salt is advised.
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Don't cities with riots, almost always have democrat mayors, councilmen and aldermen? And in turn those people appoint the police chiefs?

If the cop is not charged, riots can be expected. If the cop is charged, but found not guilty, expect riots.

They only outcome which satisfies their appetite for grievance is to find the cop guilty of some sort of misconduct.

The deceased is hardly a "gentle giant" when he roughs up a small shopkeeper on video. And he's hardly a cherub, when he steals cigars from the shop.

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