Author Topic: 'Very Good Chaps': Anjem Choudary admits pro-ISIS Pamphleteers are His Students  (Read 200 times)

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'Very Good Chaps': Anjem Choudary admits pro-ISIS Pamphleteers are His Students
by Raheem Kassam  14 Aug 2014 43  post a comment 

Muslim hate-preacher Anjem Choudary has today admitted that pro-ISIS protesters in London were his students, during an interview on Fubar Radio with Jon Gaunt.

Choudary, who has been behind dozens of anti-Western protests in the UK, and whose al-Muhajiroun group has been linked to nearly one in five individuals convicted of terrorism offences in Britain over the last decade, spoke to Gaunt this morning, where he also admitted to not personally going to Syria or Iraq to fight so he could keep his British passport.

Gaunt asked Choudary, "Are these students of yours... the ones handing out the leaflets?"

Yes... I've known them for several years, they've attended many demonstrations... many lectures of mine. Very good chaps.

Choudary was not there when the leaflets were being distributed, as reported by Breitbart London, and he denies that the documents were 'pro-ISIS'. But immediately after making this statement, Choudary said that Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of ISIS, is the legitimate caliph of the Islamic State under Sharia law.

"It's better to emigrate there and to live there," claimed Choudary.

Gaunt followed up: "So when are you going then?"

"The irony is Jon, that people who are trying to live there are... being tarnished as terrorists," said Choudary. "I believe that one day I may well go over there."

Choudary accused Britain, the United States, and the United Nations of being complicit in slaughters in Iraq and in the Gaza Strip, asking Gaunt if he personally would "condemn" the "Jews murdering the Muslims".

“Genocide is happening in the hands of the Jews but not in the hands of the Islamic state” Anjem said when asked if he thought genocide was happening in the region.

"The only reason the Americans and the British are interested in the Yazidis is because of the economic and military interests in the area," he said.

Gaunt asked Choudary if he had travelled on the Tube recently and seen all the pro-Palestine posters, noting that the same humanitarian concerns were not afforded to the Yazidis. Choudary replied, "I don't travel by Tube... I don't need to".

Discussing the jizya - a tax levied on non-Muslims for living in Islamic areas - Choudary asked, "If I don't pay my council tax, what's going to happen?"

"Well you don't get beheaded," replied Gaunt. "You don't pay your council tax, you still get your benefits".

"I pay all my taxes... you'd be surprised at how much money I have to pay," said Choudary.

The interview concluded with Choudary denying that ISIS was massacring people, and stating once again that he wouldn't be going to the Islamic State.

The interview was supplied to Breitbart London by FUBAR Radio, the UK’s first uncensored, subscription radio network.
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So when is Anjem Choudary going to be kicked out?
GOP House members came to Paul Ryan to be Speaker. He didn't come to them. And he was everybody's conservative darling back in 2012. So unless 1 of the remaining 240 wants to step up & do a better job in budgeting & negotiations & herding the party cats, then everybody please STFU. You go to battle with the army you have, not the one you want but don't have.

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