Author Topic: Media Speculation Grows As To Why Obama Returning From Vacation by DW Ulsterman  (Read 117 times)

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It’s a two-day return to the White House from Martha’s Vineyard and it has everyone wondering why.  The latest guess is that it is to take his recently turned 16 year old daughter Malia to get her driver’s license.  That might prove to be the single most expensive driver’s license trip ever as taxpayers would be on the hook for the over one million dollar expense of sending the president and his security detail back to D.C.  Then again, spending the peoples’ money has never bothered this White House before…

Even by Obama standards though, a million dollar plus driver’s license trip would be as of yet, uncharted territory.


The Hill suggests any number of other potential reasons ranging from an “emergency” staff meeting, a visit by a foreign leader, a review of potential presidential library sites, to a surprise trip abroad (more $$$$$).


What The Hill did not mention was the possibility of the return trip being used for some kind of sweeping executive order, such as amnesty for millions of illegals.


Perhaps the better question might be where will Valerie Jarrett be?  As most in D.C. now know, where she goes, so too goes the power of this administration…

Posted byulsterman
August 15, 2014

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