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A Call for ‘Restraint’ Against ISIS?
« on: August 14, 2014, 07:05:17 AM »
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A Call for ‘Restraint’ Against ISIS?

Posted By Ronn Torossian On August 14, 2014 @ 12:05 am In Daily Mailer,FrontPage | No Comments

Dear Mr. President,

We understand that you have commenced attacks via U.S. jet fighters on ISIS forces today.  This attack upon an independent country causes us tremendous concern.  Has not America learned from previous incursions into Iraq of the hardships imposed upon the Iraqi people?

We note that Ramadan has only recently concluded, and urge you to ensure the safety of innocents. Loss of any life is unacceptable.

Some ground rules which, as your ally, we must demand are used by all American forces in the region:

·         Ensure maximum restraint.  These people seek freedom and surely you do not want to cause anyone any undue harm.  Have you warned the civilian population?  The message of 500-pound bombs seems rather heavy-handed. These are not the actions of a nation seeking peace. We urge you to show restrain when airdropping bombs upon a nation as you did today.

·         If ISIS fires at you from a school or a hospital or a mosque, we expect your forces to retreat. It is unacceptable to harm anyone at all in these areas.  If freedom fighters fire from these regions, they are most likely protecting loved ones. Retreat your colonialist forces.

·         Immediately there should be a humanitarian ceasefire.  It is the midst of August and in the hot Iraqi desert region, surely the fighters of ISIS require water.  Surely, the United Nations must be consulted. If you should capture any suspected “militants,” ensure they are kept in air-conditioned areas.

Given the sensitivity of the United States, we are prepared together with Russia’s President Putin to moderate. It is in the world’s interest to have an immediate and permanent ceasefire between America and ISIS.


Benjamin Netanyahu
 Prime Minister of Israel

*The above is a satirical letter to President Obama from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on the Iraq-ISIS crisis.

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