Author Topic: CNN: 'Awkward,' 'Not Terrific' Optics for Obama to Golf as Chaos Consumes World  (Read 342 times)

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 on Breitbart TV 12 Aug 2014, 2:43 PM PDT

Tuesday on CNN, host Wolf Blizter discussed "the optics" of President Barack Obama vacationing and playing golf while several world crisis including the United States bombing Iraq unfold and said, "It is awkward though, you got to admit, everybody seems to admit."

CNN's chief political analyst Gloria Borger agreed and said, "I think the optics of what you were just showing, Wolf, is not terrific for the president."

Borger added the president needs to be more upfront with Americans about the mission in Iraq. 

"I think he has to tell the American people how he's going to do that without mission creep. How you can cripple ISIS without mission creep?" she said. "How long it will take. I mean, he told us other the weekend this isn't going to be a matter of days or weeks. and so how he can achieve his goals if he has a very limited way of going at it. And I think those are the questions that are now being raised by the American people that he ought to answer."
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"I think he has to tell the American people how he's going to do that without mission creep.

He doesn't know yet.  Valerie hasn't told him...

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Hearing Obammy try to explain the Middle East without a 'prompter and a ValJar-approved script would be interesting, to say the least.  :pondering:

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