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Tom Hruby, 32-Year-Old Navy SEAL, Tries For Northwestern Defensive End

By Renee DeCoskey, Published August 11, 2014


Tom Hruby, 32 Year Old Navy SEAL, Tries For Northwestern Defensive End image hqdefault
image via YouTube

Tom Hruby is hoping that, come fall, he will be playing Defensive End for Northwestern University. He’s got his dorm room. He’s registered for classes. He’s been attending football practice with the guys.

Sounds like your average Joe College-Freshman, right?

But if you think that Tom Hruby is your run-of-the-mill football bro, you might want to take a closer look at this very non-traditional student.

Hruby is 32 years old, making him 11-14 years older than his would-be teammates. Additionally, he’s married and has 3 children. While he stays in his dorm room during the week, on weekends he goes back home to his parents’ house, where his wife and children also live, and visits his family.

Oh yeah, and he’s a Navy SEAL.

As Nick Bromberg writes, Hruby played football in high school and began training to become a Navy SEAL before graduation. He joined SEAL Team 1 as a breacher in 2006 and now teaches at the Great Lakes Naval Station. After taking his SATs, he enrolled as a student at Northwestern.

Speaking to the Chicago Sun-Times, Tom Hruby said he doesn’t view his quest to make the special teams at Northwestern as anything amazing. And though we can safely say that his SEAL training might give him an athletic edge, he’s also competing against other talented athletes for a chance to make the team.

And if he makes it? He’ll use the SEAL mentality of survival, a mentality that also lends itself well to sports or any other team pursuit, to help Northwestern to victory.

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