Author Topic: Flashback: What Obama Said About Taking Vacations in 2008 Video is a Real Howler  (Read 357 times)

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Support the USO

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If a Republican had been that FOS, the media would spend the rest of that person's term, crucifying them.

Obama, the half wit, affirmative action hire, gets a pass.

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 ... and if you dare point out he's an empty suit, you're racist.

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Besides declaring that he was going to "fundamentally change America" I don't think he's ever made a truthful statement in his life.   :chairbang:

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" give me this office, then in turn my fears, doubts, insecurities, foibles, need for sleep, family life, vacations, leisure, is gone. I am giving myself to you."
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What a lying sack of... Obama. 
We are entering revolutionary times. The law is no longer equally applied. The media are the ministry of truth. The Democratic party is a revolutionary force. And it is all getting scary. -VDH

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Yes, when I think "self sacrifice," I think Barry Hussein.   :silly:
“My god! How little do my countrymen know what precious blessings they are in possession of, and which no other people on earth enjoy? I confess I had no idea of it myself.” Jefferson writing to Madison on America in 1785 while in Paris.

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Even then it was all about him.  Analyze that short sentence in light of Obama's proven narcissism....along with that he is a lying sack of sheep shit...


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All one can do is laugh at this buffoon - laugh right in his face.
For victory & Freedom!!!

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