Author Topic: Exodus of the Yazidis: Refugee crisis steps up with thousands fleeing into Syria as Obama arms Kurdish forces against ISIS  (Read 203 times)

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Senior U.S. officials say arms being sent directly to peshmerga forces in sign of growing concern about ISIS gains
Obama administration has previously insisted on only selling weapons to the Iraqi government in Baghdad
Comes as Kurdish forces seized back two towns from the Islamic insurgents aided in part by U.S. air strikes
Extremist group possesses state-of-the-art weaponry that outguns much of the ageing firepower of the Kurds
Political storm brews in Baghdad after President names deputy speaker to replace Nouri Al-Maliki as Prime Minister
British Foreign Secretary warned of a 'potential humanitarian disaster on a huge scale' in northern Iraq

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Just how bad must things be when refugees are fleeing INTO Syria??

And Joe Biden is our guy on the scene.....

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