Author Topic: Iraq's Persecuted Yazidi Sect Under Deep Assault from ISIS Militants  (Read 157 times)

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 Iraq's Persecuted Yazidi Sect Under Deep Assault from ISIS Militants

Saturday, 09 Aug 2014 06:38 PM

By Andrea Billups

Iraq's Yazidis are under deep assault as Islamic State militants have threatened to kill more than 300 families from the ethnic minority unless they convert to Islam, witnesses and a Yazidi lawmaker said Saturday.

Families in the villages of Koja, Hatimiya, and Qaboshi are surrounded by Sunni militants who are mounting an violent offensive through northern Iraq, sending tens of thousands of Yazidis and Christians fleeing for their lives, and prompting international outrage.

The Yazidis are described as a "misunderstood and long-persecuted" religious sect numbering as many as 500,000 and residing in the northern Iraqi town of Sinjar as well as in Turkey and parts of Syria, Fox News reported.

Their beliefs are a mixture of Christianity and Islam blended with ancient Persian traditions. They have been the victims of violent purges over centuries, but have remained a tight-knit group.

Yazidis believe in a supreme being, the creator of Earth, along with seven angels, including their most important angel, Malak Taus. Jesus is recognized by the group as a prophet. They have been targeted by ISIS along with Christians as the radicals attempt to purify the nation by ridding it of those who were not converted to Islam, NBC News noted.

In recent weeks, however, about 40,000 have been forced into hiding in the mountains near Mount Sinjar as they are surrounded by Islamic militants. They lack water and are tucked away in the heat with dozens of children reportedly dying of dehydration, CNN reported, noting mounting fears of a full-blown genocide if there is no intervention on their behalf.

Air-drops of food and water have been ongoing as a lifeline to those persecuted by the terrorists.

Vian Dakhi, the only sect member representing the group in Iraq's parliament, begged other lawmakers to come to the Yazidis' aid in an emotional speech before the governing body.

"There is a collective attempt to exterminate the Yazidi peopleā€¦ Let's put our political differences aside and work together as human beings," she said, tearfully, according to CNN. "In the name of humanity, come to our rescue, come to our rescue."

Yazidis in the U.S. protested in Washington Thursday, reported, calling for help as they spoke to family members inside Iraq who had buried children amid the violence.

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Re: Iraq's Persecuted Yazidi Sect Under Deep Assault from ISIS Militants
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I hope they don't expect anything more than MREs and bottled water, because that's all their going to get.  I expect Obammy to get cold feet over these carrier raids and pull the plug on them ASAP.

He made his point, now it will soon be time to go.

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Re: Iraq's Persecuted Yazidi Sect Under Deep Assault from ISIS Militants
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Perhaps, #bringbackourYazidis may work? 
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