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Zogby Report Card: Nobody is singing Pharrell's 'Happy' under Obama

 By Paul Bedard  | August 9, 2014 | 6:00 am

Pollster John Zogby reports in our weekly White House report card that President Obama is sitting on an unsettled political world and economy that is pleasing nobody.

"Augusts have been cruel for Barack Obama, but this one is mixed and nuanced. On a positive note, Russian President Vladimir Putin is feeling international heat and tougher sanctions so he is lashing out in a most destructive (to Russia) way. He will get Crimea but nothing else, except a whole lot of grief.

“Israel and Hamas are talking indirectly, sort of, thanks to persistence from the Obama administration.
“Ebola is on everyone's mind, but thus far, humanitarian treatment from the U.S. and the showcasing of our advanced technologies has won more public trust.

“The border crisis continues unabated no thanks to policymakers who refused to make policy.

“On the flip side, the president's approval slipped a point again and public trust is down very low. Economic growth plods along, but no one is singing and dancing to Pharrell Williams’ 'Happy.' Economic inequality is worse, and the public hates everyone.

“All on Obama's watch.

“But the president at the end of the week did act deliberately and responsibly to protect a religious minority in northern Iraq."

Grade: C-
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