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WSJ Reporter: ‘Total Disconnect’ Between Obama’s Economic Rhetoric and How Americans Actually Feel

Poll: 71% of Adults think the country is on the wrong track
BY:  Washington Free Beacon Staff
August 6, 2014 9:10 am

The Wall Street Journal’s Carol Lee slammed the upbeat economic rhetoric coming from the White House and used the latest WSJ/NBC poll to justify her argument suggesting the Obama administration is out of touch.

“I think, if you look at what the president is saying, what his message is publicly, there’s a total disconnect between clearly what the American public feels and what he is saying is going on in the economy. On Friday, he came out and he said things are getting better and clearly people don’t feel that way,” Lee said on Morning Joe.

“I think what the White House has to contend with is how you match the president’s rhetoric and how he’s approaching the public on this issue, with what you’re seeing in this poll, which is that people are not feeling good about the future. I mean the 76% of people who think their kid’s future is not going to be better than their own, that’s a huge number,” Lee argued.

Wall Street Journal reports:

A new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll found that despite the steady pace of hiring in recent months, 76% of adults lack confidence that their children’s generation will have a better life than they do—an all-time high. Some 71% of adults think the country is on the wrong track, a leap of 8 points from a June survey, and 60% believe the U.S. is in a state of decline.

That frustration is taking its toll on President Barack Obama and members of Congress. Mr. Obama registered his lowest-ever approval rating for his overall job performance and handling of foreign policy in the new Journal poll, as well as the worst personal favorability ratings of his presidency.

The president’s approval rating dropped to 40% in this latest poll from 41% in a June survey, and he notched a disapproval rating of 54%, matching a previous high. Meanwhile, 36% approve of Mr. Obama’s handling of foreign policy, compared with the 60% who disapprove—his worst-ever marks.
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