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Public Intellectual/Human Joke Claims Not Allowing Hamas to Kill Israelis is Offensive

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On August 5, 2014 @ 4:22 pm In The Point | 27 Comments

These days I’m convinced that Marc Lamont Hill (I’m sorry, Dr. Marc Lamont Hill) is a joke who  exists for no other reason than to give cable news talking heads someone to roll their eyes at.

Back in 2012, I wrote that…

Dr. Marc Lamont Hill, a man whose website modestly describes him as a “Professor, Author, Speaker, Public Intellectual,”… attracts attention only as a specimen of the vapid core of what passes for African-American Studies.

Saying racist things didn’t get the “public intellectual enough attention so he moved on to bashing Israel. Why? Because news networks will put him on to do it. And Hill is a worthless media figure who stops existing once he’s no longer on CNN.

That’s the dirty little secret of Dr. Marc Lamont Hill. If there’s a flood tomorrow, he’ll figure out a way to insert himself into the story and be on CNN squawking about how floods are wrong even though he knows nothing about floods.

Speaking of that, here’s Dr. Marc Lamont Hill on Israel.

But what the Iron Dome does is it also takes away all of Hamas’s military leverage which is very different than say, 10 years ago or 15 years ago in other wars like Lebanon, et cetera. As a result, it not only serves a defensive purpose but de facto serves an offensive purpose. It allows Israel to essentially assault and siege Gaza without any retribution or response on the other side. So again, to some extent, they are not just funding defense, they are funding an offensive war and ultimately an occupation. That for me, is the problem.

The problem is that Iron Dome works which prevents Hamas from killing Israelis as effectively as it would otherwise. Which according to Hill, prevents Israel from being forced to lift its blockade of Gaza. But the blockade of Gaza only exists because Hamas keeps trying to kill Israelis.

Hill has its backward, but you can’t blame him for that because he has no idea what he’s talking about. Israel isn’t his department.

CNN is to blame for putting on a guy whose specialty is writing papers about social criticism in Hip-Hop to discuss a foreign war in a place he has probably never even been to.

Hill is a joke, but he’s an obvious joke. CNN is a less obvious, but equally ridiculous joke, for turning Hill into a debating partner on Israel’s war with Hamas. For that matter, why are Ross Douthat and Marc Lamont Hill even being called on to debate this on CNN?

Actually, why is there even a CNN? That might be the better question.

Article printed from FrontPage Magazine:

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Ok put this Jackass in a house and let people lob rockets at it
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'Public Intellectual' eh?    000hehehehe

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He's very pompous in his delivery, too!   

Which lends credence that it's an on-camera schtick. 
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