Author Topic: Outrageous: This Navy SEAL Faces Career-Ending Consequences Simply For Criticizing Obama  (Read 202 times)

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Outrageous: This Navy SEAL Faces Career-Ending Consequences Simply For Criticizing Obama
“The politics on Capitol Hill has infiltrated the military...”


Special Operations PO1 Carl Higbie recalled growing tired of seeing his fellow Navy SEALs constrained by rules of engagement while stationed in Iraq that led to multiple American deaths. He also saw the devastating result of levying claims of abuse – specifically against terror suspect Ahmed Hashim Abed – that he said were completely unfounded.

Realizing that any attention he drew to the situation, and the commander in chief he held responsible, could mean the end of his career, Higbie nonetheless penned a tell-all book called “Battle on the Homefront.” Prior to publication, he provided a copy of the manuscript to his superiors; however, he said they refused to even look at it.

“They didn’t want it,” he said in an interview on Fox and Friends. “My commanders were more concerned about how the fallout of this book would affect their careers than they were concerned about how reelecting President Obama would affect the country.”

Higbie recalled making the bold decision to retire amid threats of a dishonorable discharge before committing fully to releasing his book.

“The politics on Capitol Hill has infiltrated the military,” he asserted, noting that the trend is “endangering our troops.”

Getting that message out, he concluded, was more important than protecting his own career.

Two years after the release of the book, however, he returned to the Fox News Channel program to express his dismay at the completely disparate treatment accused Army deserter Bowe Bergdahl received. While he was forced to retire for merely expressing his opinion, Higbie lamented that the former prisoner of war was being welcomed with open arms despite serious questions about his loyalty.

“Bergdahl is the problem and they stuck him back at a desk job on active duty,” he said.

Higbie explained that it is still not known whether Bergdahl collaborated with America’s enemies while in Taliban custody for five years.

“Attacks in the area went up and were more effective after he deserted,” he maintained. “No telling if he helped the Taliban or not.”

While the military is being ordered to scale back precipitously, Higbie noted that Bergdahl seems to be receiving the benefit of the doubt along with significant benefits following his return to the U.S.

“You have Army captains getting pink slips overseas while their families are still here trying to pay bills,” he concluded; “yet they’re going to give [Bergdahl] $350,000 in back pay tax-free.”


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