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Ebola Quarantine Stations Established in El Paso, Los Angeles and 18 Other Cities

Dean Garrison August 1, 2014

I have an idea. Let's bring Ebola here instead of worrying about it coming here unexpectedly. If we are going to put 300 million people in jeopardy, it should be our choice to do so rather than having it come as a surprise.

By now you have surely heard that at least one patient is set to arrive for treatment at a hospital in Atlanta, Georgia. I am seeing reports today that it might actually be two patients, and who says they will stop there?

Does anyone see anything wrong with this?

Anyone at all?

A few days ago, Dave Hodges reported that the CDC is quietly setting up Ebola Quarantine Stations across the U.S. I took a lot of flack for running that article on my website. As usual, I was called a conspiracy theorist who was trying to scare people.

Am I trying to scare you?

Yes I am. I have never denied that I try to scare people because something has to be done to awaken people from their stupor. We can scare you with facts just as easily as fantasy because things really are that bad. Not only is Ebola set to arrive voluntarily in the U.S. at any time, now we are starting to see evidence of those stations (he called them "centers") that Dave was talking about.

A local CBS affiliate in Los Angeles is reporting:

The Centers for Disease Control have established a quarantine station at LAX to prevent the spread of the deadly Ebola virus from passengers coming off international flights.

The CDC is warning Americans to avoid the Ebola-ravaged nations of Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea where more than 700 people have died.

Tom Bradley International Terminal now has a CDC quarantine station where health officials will determine whether a sick person getting off an international flight can enter the country.

"We're fairly comfortable that if a patient were identified here in the U.S. , that the normal kinds of barrier nursing precautions that would be in place would prevent spread even before the person would be confirmed to be a case of Ebola," Dr. Stephan Monroe said.

Two American aid workers have been infected with the virus in Liberia.

All of this seems perfectly logical except for the fact that we are bringing this disease to America. We aren't just preparing for the worst. We are bringing it here. Has that started to sink in yet? As for the American aid workers that are mentioned, as well as the doctors and nurses who have become infected, do you not think that precautions were taken in these instances?

Ebola is not something that one invites into their living room., an ABC affiliate, is reporting that El Paso, Texas has also been chosen as a "quarantine station":

The Centers for Disease Control has designated El Paso as one of 20 quarantine stations for the ebola virus.

The Sun City is part of a comprehensive system designed to prevent the spread of the disease in the United States.

While ebola has never been detected in the U.S., that doesn't mean it can't make its way to the country. The biggest concern is at airports with international flights and ports of entry, which there are a lot of in the Borderland.

"It's a scary virus … Definitely," said Dr. Hector Ocaranza, the health authority for the El Paso City/County Health Department. "Terribly deadly. It's one of those viral hemorragic fevers. They haven't found where it's coming from, if it's coming from an animal to the human or what. But we know there is human tissue transmission."

That means it cannot be contracted like the flu, through the air. It can only be spread by direct contact with bodily fluids like saliva or secretions.

The CDC released a map showing the 20 quarantine stations designated across the country, including El Paso, mostly where international travelers arrive. The closest ones are in San Diego and Dallas.

The CDC website seems to be suffering from some issues today that might be caused by heavy traffic. The navigation is off and I have not been able to download the map or even see it. However, I can tell you that San Francisco and Houston are mentioned as quarantine stations as well. I also temporarily found an East Coast map but the page crashed. Is Michelle Obama's schoolmate in charge of this site as well?

Again, all of this would make sense as being precautionary if we were not allowing illegal aliens, with dangerous diseases, into this country, and if we were not willingly endangering the lives of people by bringing Ebola to America.

Why use the back door when the front door works just fine?

This is either incredibly stupid or it is part of the plan.

Either way America is now playing with fire.

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So American citizens who get Ebola should be consigned to a third world h*ll hole for treatment rather than being brought back?

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Oceander asks above:
[[ So American citizens who get Ebola should be consigned to a third world h*ll hole for treatment rather than being brought back? ]]

That's a difficult question.

I'll play the realist:

Citizenship matters for nothing.

What DOES matter is that the infected person has one of the most deadly and virulent diseases to arise in recent history.

We will be told that "every precaution will be taken" and (in all likelihood) that "nothing can go wrong with our procedures".

But I sense that even the most well-versed researchers studying the Ebola virus still do not know all its vectors of transmission.

We've seen that healthcare workers taking all kinds of precautions, STILL become infected. That's how the two infected persons currently being treated in Atlanta caught the disease.

But again, we'll be told that it's completely safe, that they're properly quarantined here and there is no chance that anyone else could be infected.

What could go wrong?

I find it very interesting that both Americans seem to be responding to the "secret serum" (no longer much of a secret) developed by some drug firm on the west coast, even though the drug is not yet "approved" (LONG process). The CDC better have as many doses of that drug as the developer company can provide, testing process be damned....

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So American citizens who get Ebola should be consigned to a third world h*ll hole for treatment rather than being brought back?

Why not? It's the fundamental idea behind quarantine. Minimal exposure of others to the infected, and isolation in place is the most effective way of doing that. They knew that back during the Black Death. Entire villages would isolate themselves, and surrounding villages would leave food at specific drop points.

Immigrant ships where someone showed signs of infectious illness would anchor off shore and fly the yellow ensign. No one boarded and no one left until the disease had run it's course.
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