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VIDEO: Montel Williams to Obama on VA Crisis: ‘Sign the Paper, Homeboy!’

August 1, 2014 By Matthew Burke
Montel Williams has a message to Obama regarding helping the nation’s veterans who are suffering at the expense of the corrupt and incompetent VA.


TMZ  caught up with Williams, who served 22 years in the military himself, and was asked whether he was frustrated that the Obama White House hasn’t gotten back to him regarding his petition to fix the VA.

A passionate Williams told the reporter, “It’s not about me. It’s about the veterans. Fix the problem. I don’t care that he hasn’t responded to me.”

The interviewer then asked Williams, “What do you want him to do for the veterans?”

“I want him to surge today,” an animated Williams responded. “I don’t want him to wait 120 days. I don’t want him to wait 200 days. I don’t want him to wait 300 days. I want them today to start working on helping our veterans and they can do that with the stroke of a pen,” he contended.

When asked what he would tell Obama if he was meeting with him today, Williams replied, “Sign the paper, homeboy.”

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