Author Topic: THIS IS SICKENING!!!! Immigration laws?” For Jews? But not Mexicans and Central Americans?  (Read 298 times)

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THIS IS SICKENING!!!! Millions of illegal aliens are flooding across our southern border, and are being treated like royalty. Meanwhile, visas for educated, English-speaking, LEGAL Israelis are being denied! Said the US Ambassador to Israel, “The department will take immediate steps to increase the number of young Israelis that can travel to the US according to our immigration laws.” Really? “Immigration laws?” For Jews? But not Mexicans and Central Americans? What is wrong with this picture?

Posted on August 2, 2014   by thomas madison    

US Embassy in Tel Aviv Severely Restricts Visas for Israelis

Tourist visa process cancelled until further notice, embassy announces. Is it a matter of security, or discrimination?

by Tova Dvorin, Arutz Sheva, Israel National News

The US embassy in Tel Aviv has cancelled tourist visa applications for Israelis, according to a statement on its official website, in a move it claims is a matter of staffing and security.

“Due to the current security situation in Tel Aviv, U.S. Embassy Tel Aviv remains open but is operating at reduced staffing until further notice, and has canceled routine visa application processing and American Citizen services,” the statement says. “Emergencies involving an American citizen and visa applications will be considered on a case by case basis.”

The statement surfaces in the midst of both souring US-Israel relations and an already-pressured visa crisis, which has seen the visa process for Israelis grow more and more difficult over the past year.

In April, US Secretary of State John Kerry announced an internal review into claims that hundreds of young Israelis were being barred from entering the US for political reasons.

An initial investigation found that the rejection rate of visa applications for young Israelis ages 21-26 had doubled, from 16% in 2009 to 32% in 2014; Ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro stated that the visa crisis is close to coming to an end several days later.

“The department will take immediate steps to increase the number of young Israelis that can travel to the US according to our immigration laws,” Shapiro wrote, in a Facebook post.

“The law dictates that applicants must prove that they intend to return to Israel in making the request, and that the visa does not allow recipients to stay beyond the designated time period or to work legally in the US,” he said. “But we are aware of the fact that although two-thirds of young applicants receive visas, some people harbor a misconception that young Israelis are not welcome in the USA.”

“Surely that’s not true,” he continued. “Israel is one of the US’s closest allies, and we welcome all networking between Israelis and Americans, including visits to the United States.”

Israeli officials have yet to respond to the letter, which responds to earlier claims that political motivations were at stake in the visa rejections.

Earlier this year, Israeli security officials also claimed they were being targeted by the US, and that hundreds of defense officials were turned away from making important visits to Washington.

Major Israeli politicians claimed in May that the US had been“humiliating” them during the visa application process for years, according to a report in Yediot Aharonot, and had been forced to endure long wait times for acceptance and allowed only brief visits to their alleged ally.
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I don't know about 'sickening' but it is amazing.
I don't know what it would take for American Jews to catch on to the fact that Leftists hate Jews. It is amazing.
I think if Pelosi, Reid, and Obama showed up at a synagogue with baseball bats and started beating Jews over the head with them, that the American Jews would still vote Democrat. It is amazing. It is like the Democrats can't even beat it into them, "We don't like you!" no matter what the Left says and does.
I can't imagine what it would take before a stupid Wasserman-Shultz type idiot American Jew would finally say, "Ok. I get it now. You really don't like Jews."
What would it take? Burn their house down? Beat them with baseball bats? What would you have to do for them to get the message? At this point, I don't even think that would work. Its crazy.
I don't know what it would take. Are they stupid? Are they hypnotized? What the hell is wrong with these people. It really is crazy. I've never seen anything like it.
American Jews are like the guy in high-school who always shows up to the 'cool-kids' party, even though he is never actually invited. And all the cool-kids do is make him buy the beer, and then make him clean-up and empty the trash afterward. And he keeps coming back.
I don't know? It is confusing. American Jews need to buy a vowel or something. Anything that would make them wake up and catch on to a grasp of reality.
Leftists hate Jews. They always have all through history and they still do today. They are never going to like you. No matter what you do for them or how much money you give them. I give up. It is impossible.
You cannot "COEXIST" with people who want to kill you.

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