Author Topic: Hillary Clinton: Hey! Hamas Only Uses Human Shields Because Gaza is Small…  (Read 154 times)

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Hillary Clinton: Hey! Hamas Only Uses Human Shields Because Gaza is Small…

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Posted: July 31, 2014

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Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who might still be on her flop book tour, is back in the news. Fresh off of claiming she and Bill were “broke” when leaving the White House, she stuck her foot in her mouth again!

This time, her comments involve Israel and foreign policy. Above in an interview with Fusion TV, Hillary is expressing the types of pro-Hamas excuses the left makes in private, but typically avoid using during interviews. Clinton argues that Hamas is hiding rockets in hospitals, schools, and homes because Gaza is tiny:

Hamas puts its missiles, its rockets, in civilian areas – part of it is that Gaza is relatively small.

Really? Hamas is forced to commit unspeakable war crimes and put civilians in the line-of-fire because of its physical size?

The truth here is, President Bill Clinton failed to find lasting peace for Israel, and Barack Obama is even worse at diplomacy. If the Administration forces an early “cease fire,” they put the only democracy in the Middle East at risk of being wiped off the map.

It is truly frightening how this ignorant woman has played such a prominent role in foreign policy.

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