Author Topic: 'Demoted employee shoots CEO, 54, before killing himself during meeting in Bank of America high rise office'  (Read 270 times)

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A recently demoted executive twice shot his CEO before killing himself in a Chicago office building this morning, police said.

The 'despondent' employee allegedly shot ArrowStream founder Steven LaVoie, 54, in the head and stomach before turning the gun on himself about 9.50am, according to the Chicago Tribune.

LaVoie, a married father-of-three daughters, was rushed to Northwestern Memorial Hospital in a critical condition.

The shooting occurred in the tech supply company's offices on the 17th floor of the Bank of America building on LaSalle Street in Chicago's Loop business district.

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I do get annoyed at headlines like this. The headline implies that Bank of America was the offending employer, but all they were is the landlord. It's just another example of how media no longer cares about communicating truth. They didn't lie, but they sure misled.

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