Author Topic: Border agents give illegals a free pass, hassle Americans far inside the border (Video)  (Read 371 times)

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Border agents give illegals a free pass, hassle Americans far inside the border (Video)

By Michael Dorstewitz on July 27, 2014 at 2:16 pm 

While thousands of undocumented immigrants are allowed to pass through our borders illegally, then given bus passes and airline tickets to scatter throughout the United States and eventually disappear, American citizens possessing valid U.S. passports are being harassed at border checkpoints in locations up to 100 miles from any international border.

Fox News host John Stossel revealed this fact in a disturbing video called, “Constitution Free Zones,” which should have most Americans seeing red. It was one segment of his Saturday presentation that asked the question, “Where’s the line between security and liberty?” according to Fox News.

Americans are subjected to stops — and often searches — every day they go to work, run to the grocery store or visit a friend across town. The people who are being hassled feel as though they’re living in “occupied territory” and the resulting loss of local tourism causes businesses to close their doors.

And as the video shows, when the locals finally lose their patience and push back, the results can be terrifyingly violent.

Watch the clip, “Constitution Free Zones,” via The Right Scoop.

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