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Ahora, Cuba

The United States, Isolated
and More Troubled than Ever

By Patricio Montesinos

The current U.S. administration, headed — or rather, beheaded — by Barack Obama, is challenged on a domestic as well as a global level.

Translated By  Robert Sullivan

 16 July 2014

Edited by Helaine Schweitzer

 Cuba - Ahora - Original Article (Spanish)

The American government, in addition to being isolated and viewed as increasingly losing its leadership role internationally, is more troubled than ever by the geopolitical changes rapidly taking place in the world today, and it is no wonder.

 Washington’s clear aggression, even openly spying on its old allies such as Germany, and its continuously shocking and unbalanced actions, are nothing if not obvious signs of the changes transforming America, playing out in every corner of the planet and showing an empire on the brink of the abyss.

 Several examples demonstrate the reasons for the incurable paranoia plaguing the White House: In Latin America, for instance, countries are no longer puppets and are even impudent. The Patria Grande, or great homeland, has ceased to be merely Latin America’s backyard, and now encompasses some European countries — even “water carriers” such as Spain, despite their being burdened by serious crises.

 The Pentagon failed to rein in Venezuela, despite all the subversive actions the United States planned for the overthrow of the Bolivarian revolution led by President Nicolas Maduro. Instead, Maduro soars again with massive support in Latin America, the Caribbean and from friendly emerging powers.

 In another show of unity in the region, the Patria Grande block has raised its voice in support of Argentina against the attacks of the parasitic "Made in USA,” vulture-like companies, just as it has in rejecting the massacres of Palestinians by Israel in recent days in Gaza, joining the vast majority of the international community.

 On the other hand, Washington’s involvement in an overabundance of ongoing war fronts has boomeranged. In Syria, the U.S. failed to topple the government of President Bashar Assad. In Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya, Washington is unable to control the chaos and bedlam created by its illegal invasions and occupations. And Washington’s plan to encircle Russia through Ukraine, with the complicity of the European Union, has encountered a wall of containment from Moscow.

 The White House doesn’t even want to mention Iran, because it clearly knows the kind of consistent response it will get from Tehran, which warned it in no uncertain terms of the consequences of a possible attack against the Persian country. Similar situations exist in North Korea, and in Asia generally, where a muscular China has made it clear to Washington that it does not want war in this thriving region.

 The current U.S. administration, headed — or rather, beheaded — by Barack Obama, is challenged on a domestic as well as a global level.

 Obama is the least popular American president in the last 70 years, the worst spy in history because everyone knows it, and the most vilified — not only by Republicans, but also Democrats — to the point that they are seeking to impeach him before the end of his time on the throne.

 The future for the undeserved Nobel Peace Prize winner and his empire has turned particularly stormy, with China and Russia both calling for an end to his unilateral dominance. Recent visits by Putin and Xi Jinping to Latin America and the Caribbean, including Cuba and the summit of BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) in Fortaleza, a city of the South American giant Brazil, speak very eloquently of the objectives of Moscow and Beijing.

 Washington actually has few options. It can either comply with the demands of peace that stir the world and get along with the rest of us, or end up falling apart as the Roman Empire did, even if by doing so it would make the grave mistake of unleashing a devastating global war.
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