Author Topic: Michelle Obama Working To Get 1 Million Votes To Win Midterm Elections (VIDEO) by DW Ulsterman  (Read 175 times)

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Methinks the First Lady’s near desperate tone indicates fear of what kind of investigations could be coming if Republicans are finally able to remove the firewall that has been the Harry Reid/Democratic Party controlled Senate. 

The platform of motivation outlined by the First Lady in her 1 Million Votes  message to prospective Midterm Election voters was the following:



-Equal pay

-Higher minimum wage

-Reproductive rights


These are all divide and conquer type issues, none of which do anything for the economy, or improving the falling net worth of American families that have plummeted since Barack Obama entered the White House.


The Obama administration has created an immigration crisis along the Mexico border, pays its own female employees less than men in comparable positions, is pushing for a minimum wage increase at a level most economists admit is absurd, and just lost a Supreme Court decision that sided with those who feel companies should not be forced by federal government mandate to have to compromise their religious beliefs.


The 1 Million Votes machine is yet another grow the database attempt by the Obama Machine. The problem for them though is the current political environment in America sees all time low approval ratings for the president, and a general sense of wanting to see new ideas and faces at the helm of the federal government.


All the First Lady is offering here is the same old same old.  It is a White House out of anything approaching a new or remotely effective plan to improve conditions in America.


If this is the best they have, it’ going to be a political slaughter come November…

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