Author Topic: Kerry 'Tunneling Under Egyptian Ceasefire Deal', Says Minister  (Read 206 times)

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An Israeli minister accused U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry of “digging a tunnel under the the Egyptian ceasefire proposal” by accepting Hamas's conditions for a ceasefire in Paris talks Saturday, Channel 2 reported. The minister's identity was not revealed.

Kerry and top diplomats from Europe and the Middle East who gathered in Paris Saturday called for an extension to a temporary truce declared Saturday between Israel and Hamas. However, neither Israel, nor Egypt, nor the Palestinian Authority under Mahmoud Abbas were represented in the talks. Israeli diplomatic sources accused Kerry of accepting Hamas's terms for a permanent ceasefire as represented in Paris by Hamas sponsor Qatar and the terror organization's political backer, Turkey.

Hamas wants Israel and Egypt to agree to remove the blockade of Gaza, and to set up a mechanism for Hamas to receive funding, as part of the ceasefire agreement. The Egyptian ceasefire proposal, however, calls for the sides to stop firing first, and then negotiate other matters.

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Re: Kerry 'Tunneling Under Egyptian Ceasefire Deal', Says Minister
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Could Kerry, and by extension the US and Obama, possibly be any more irrelevant??  When was the last time a US President was such an outright failure in the Middle East??  Even Clinton was able to negotiate a cease fire on his watch.

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