Author Topic: Does the Common Core include a national database?  (Read 429 times)

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Does the Common Core include a national database?
« on: July 26, 2014, 09:51:54 AM »
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Re: Does the Common Core include a national database?
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"Want to see" is not the same as "requirement".
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Re: Does the Common Core include a national database?
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Peachy.  Link them in with the IRS so you can match up real income data as well, and we can finally officially recognize the arrival of Orwell's Big Brother.  We're already there in some respects, but this would seal the deal.

This is why we need to elect a President and Congress to support him, who will disassemble the entire Department of Education and return all of that money to the taxpayers.  The States and Localities can better oversee local money and standards, and by not spending billions on Federal expenses that have nothing to do with actually teaching students we might actually be able to pay for our kid's education in a way that makes good sense, along with retaining control of their curriculum locally.

At one time DOE served a good purpose but that time is long past.  Like any department or program Congress creates, there is never a time when anything expires or is no longer needed, it all just keeps on growing.

Show me a Candidate who has the guts to run on a platform that includes this among others and I'll show you the next President.  The era of Big Government was never over and it is high time someone had the guts to campaign on actually downsizing government and return America to the Constitution.

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