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'Humanitarian Aid’ to Hamas and Fake ObamaCare Signups
« on: July 25, 2014, 05:09:49 AM »

'Humanitarian Aid’ to Hamas and Fake ObamaCare Signups

Posted 19 hours ago by Common Constitutionalist Filed under Constitution, Corruption, Foreign Policy, Government, Health Care, Islam, Military, National Security, Politics, 

Earlier I wrote an article regarding gun violence in Dodge City … er … Chicago. You can review it here.

In it I revealed that Obama cheerleader, Mayor Rahm Emanuel, is receiving a $10 million federal grant to help “at risk” children.

You can bet the farm that at least half, if not most of that cash, won’t make it to its intended target. It will go to line the pockets of the mayor’s cronies.

Naturally, there will be no “real” oversight of the money’s final destination. And of course – no one will ask.

On the same day we heard that Secretary of State John Kerry announced our government is giving the terrorist gang Hamas $47 million in “Humanitarian” aid. As Canadian reporter Judi McLeod asks, why would Hamas want to negotiate after getting $47 million? It sounds more like a bribe.

The other terror groups like ISIS, Al Qaeda, and the Taliban must be wondering, “Why them? We abuse our own people too. Where’s our ‘Humanitarian’ aid?”

Well, you must understand the difference. You other groups are not attacking Israel, the great Satan. If you go to war with the evil Jews, you too may withdraw some money from Obama’s stash.

Now I don’t know how much a rocket costs or how much it takes to build a tunnel, but that $47 million will sure come in handy.

Want some more?

How about some Obamacare waste, fraud and abuse that was actually discovered by our own GAO, Government Accountability Office?

It seems that, according to a report from the Charleston Daily Mail, someone at the GAO decided to hire “secret shoppers.” These covert operatives attempted to sign up for Obamacare.

They were sent out, without proper paperwork, to try to sign up, in person, by phone and on the federal exchange website.

No doubt, you say, they were all turned away, thwarted by the layers of security. Well, you’d be wrong in almost every case.

The Daily Mail reports that 11 of the 12 fake enrollees were not only accepted by the exchange website, but were able to qualify for subsidies amounting to $30,000 per year.

Both the phone and online enrollees gave fake Social Security numbers and proof of income.

And the reason they could get away with it? Well, the document processing contractors evidently are “not required to authenticate the applications for both Medicare and Medicaid services.”

Three of the fraudsters provided no required documentation at all! No documentation – but still received a hefty subsidy.

The Daily Mail quotes House oversight subcommittee chairman Charles Boustany: “Obamacare is a mess. Its broken structure invites waste fraud and abuse and will cost taxpayers millions.” You can read his post on Facebook here.

Really! Imagine that – a government program that invites waste, fraud and abuse.

Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah), quipped, "'Obamacare' is working really well — for those who don't exist."

And here I thought we were broke.

Wonder why?

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