Author Topic: Levin Mocks Obama’s Criticism Of Companies Leaving US: ‘Wow, All Of A Sudden Borders Matter!’  (Read 189 times)

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Levin Mocks Obama’s Criticism Of Companies Leaving US: ‘Wow, All Of A Sudden Borders Matter!’

Posted By Brendan Bordelon On 5:26 PM 07/24/2014 In | No Comments

Conservative radio host Mark Levin mocked President Obama’s condemnation of corporations leaving the United States for better tax rates overseas, exclaiming “Wow, all of a sudden borders matter!”

Levin spoke Thursday with Fox New’s Neil Cavuto about the president’s recent push to shame American companies for moving abroad in search of less-punitive tax rates than those found in the United States.

“These companies are running away from taxes here, responsibility here,” Cavuto said, summarizing Obama’s claim for Levin. “You say what?”

“Wow, so all of a sudden national sovereignty and borders matter,” Levin snarked. “How ’bout that? I didn’t know it mattered!”

“You know what, that’s a very good point,” Cavuto said. “That’s an excellent point.”

Like Obama, Levin bemoaned “businesses leaving America to go to socialist European countries” — but his reasoning was quite different than the president’s.

“He’s the problem,” the radio host claimed. “He’s creating the economic conditions in this country where some of these companies are moving their headquarters overseas. Why doesn’t he create the conditions where foreign companies move into the United States?”

“The fact is he’s an economic illiterate,” Levin declared. “He doesn’t like capitalism. He’s a card-carrying ideologue for socialism.”

Levin specifically singled out Obama’s regulatory regime for the corporate exodus. “The Canadians want to build a multibillion dollar pipeline in our country,” he exclaimed. “Who’s stopping them? He’s stopping them!”

“He’s the reason companies leave.” he charged. “He’s the reason wealth is leaving the country.”

“They spew on and on against capitalism,” he continued. “Well guess what! The capitalists are listening!”

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