Author Topic: White House Directs Media On Anti-Obamacare Ruling by DW Ulsterman  (Read 170 times)

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Apparently the ruling by a federal appeals court earlier today that found a clause in Obamacare to be illegal  has set of a firestorm of activity within the administration.  The ruling has jolted White House operatives into protection mode that includes, but is likely not limited to, directing certain members of the Mainstream Media on how to respond to the anti-Obamacare ruling.

A longtime political operative with direct White House experience put it this way:

Ruling came down on their heads like a ton of bricks. Don’t let the official statement releases tell you different. Just look at the media panic already.  If they were so confident then some in the media wouldn’t be so willing to run with the story directives/talking points given to them by the WH.  Now I would bet dimes to dollars a few judges on the full D.C. Appeals Court have already been contacted off the record by DOJ too. I know about the directives given to the media and just speculating on the other.  If you ask me if that kind of contact is legal after all these years of what you know already about how things work, then I’d say you need a long nap or a lobotomy at this point. Legal doesn’t mean sh*t to these people.  Never has. Never will.

Don’t get hung up on the actual ruling though whether it is this one or the other one. Some are playing a longer game here. It’s about perception and public perception is getting the story that the law is messed up.  If 2014 goes well for Republicans all this negative public perception directed at Obamacare will provide leverage to revise or even shred the law entirely.  That is if they can hold something of an in house coalition together which for them doesn’t seem to come easy these days.

As for where these directives originated from, I’ll just say there are people hoping to salvage a 2016 run, who enjoy the connections of a certain former WaPo reporter who is now a high ranking member of their staff. That office is becoming quite a source of information. Can’t say I blame them after the way Jarrett has treated them over the years. I was always told there’s two kinds of dogs in this world, porch dogs and house dogs. Old Joe has always been a porch dog and no matter how much he wags that tail, Jarrett refuses to throw him a bone.

 He’s about ready to start biting the hand that’s forgotten to feed him.


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Re: White House Directs Media On Anti-Obamacare Ruling by DW Ulsterman
« Reply #1 on: July 22, 2014, 10:03:30 PM »
Of course.  That's been obvious since Jan. 21, 2009.

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