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The Black Slaves of Islam – CAUTION: Graphic and Disturbing

Posted On 15 Jul 2014

By : Instigator News Network


The following article was submitted to me by Yon X — that is the name we shall call him because if his identity were to get out, he would be murdered by Islamic authorities in his country of origin.

This is original content – the only changes I made were spelling and grammar. These are Yon’s own words.

As a black young man from Ethiopia, I have always felt angry at the West for the slavery colonization of the black continent. Many think that Christianity came to Africa from the West, but the irony is that we were actually the first Christians, from Egypt to Nubia to Ethiopia (including Eritrea), before the West even knew anything that was Christian.

I condemn anyone who would force someone to believe what they believe or enforce their way of life on others. This week it kind of amused me to see the world in chaos because the tiny Jewish state replied to the bombardment of Hamas. The worst of all was to see many black Muslims riot with the Arabs. I couldn’t believe what I saw, because the barbarian Arabic Islamic apartheid states to this day take pleasure in the suffering of our black brothers, both Muslim and non-Muslim. We have suffered for centuries before the West even arrived in Africa. They have destroyed our civilizations and raided our lands for booty and slaves for centuries, and no one talks about that.

islam_slaves2Let’s say that was history, but to this day, many of our black brothers suffer, and there is no help coming. The first reason for that is that they are not Muslims, and when they convert, they still are not Muslim enough, because they still kept something from their cultures. Even if they are Muslim enough, they are not Arabs but black people; that condemns them into slavery in the Islamic world to this day. I can provide many examples, from Sudan to Mauritania to the smallest of the Islamic nations, Gaza (run by Hamas), of how they kidnap, torture, enslave and organ harvest, right up to the moment that you are reading my text.

There are more than 100,000 known black Sudanese slaves under the Arabized Islamic Sudanese government, and the government encourages this by arming the Arab militias to ride on black villages. To the extent that these villages defend themselves, the government sends airplanes to bomb them. Thousands have died at the hands of the army of Sudan, and this is not good enough to cause demonstrations for the black community. Shame shame!!!!

Darfur genocide in Sudan

The black Darfur people of Sudan had traditionally been Animist until the late 1800s, but since then have been under heavy pressure from the Islamic sword to convert, and they have complied. This is not enough for the barbarians, and to this day the Arab tribes have been riding them like cattle for slaves, and the Islamic government of Sudan has committed crimes against humanity. There are more than 2 million people displaced and half a million dead as a result of these barbaric acts. Up to this minute, many are dying at the hands of the government and its Arab militias, yet where are the demonstrations to protest against these barbaric acts?

islam_slaves1Human trafficking in Sinai Egypt/Sudan

Since 2009 up to this minute, the barbaric Arabs have kidnapped thousands of Eritreans and Ethiopians from the borders between Eritrea and Sudan and Ethiopia and Sudan. These barbaric Arabs from Sudan and Egypt, and their latest customers, the smugglers of weapons for Hamas in the Sinai, have tortured Eritreans and Ethiopians for ransom in the Sinai Peninsula, subjecting them to rape, burning, and mutilation. Many of the surviving victims, after paying a ransom of between $20,000 and $40,000 (US dollars), have told that when they escaped, the police and army of this nation took them back to their kidnappers.

It is estimated that more than 30,000 people have suffered from these barbaric acts, thousands have died, and thousand are still in captive. Where are Human Rights Watch, the UN, the black empowering institutions, the black Muslims, and the moderate Arab Muslims protesting these barbaric acts? There is no such protest. It is in their holy book: a non-Muslim deserves nothing, even if he is black like you.

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