Author Topic: Conservatism. The Sexy Choice.  (Read 556 times)

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Conservatism. The Sexy Choice.
« on: July 22, 2014, 07:08:09 AM »
Hat tip to 2DV over at TOS for pointing out the article that inspired this.

I am an unashamed, unregenerate male. I like sex. Talking about it, writing about it, and of course, doing it. So this article struck a chord. Why are conservative women so damned sexy? They are, they know it, and they use it.

Frequently.  :laugh:

I'm not talking standards of beauty here - those can change without notice, except for the enduring appeal of redheads. I am talking oozing sex appeal like a leaking oil well in the Gulf. To me, it's threefold.

The obligatory redhead picture for DCP  :laugh:

They are confident.

Self confidence is always attractive, and conservative women have it in spades. They know what they believe in, they don't buy into the victim BS, and they actually enjoy being female. They accept pampering with grace, feeling no need to get insulted by a guy holding a door or giving up a seat on the bus. Yet they juggle tasks daily that would fail out half of Westpoint, without complaint. Which leads us to:

They are capable.

I sometimes wonder if most women understand just how sexy this is. Sure, a guy likes to ride in on his noble steed to do a rescue from time to time, but in the day to day things - he's too tired. Thinking back a mort of years, the first thing Almanzo Wilder noticed about Laura Ingalls was her small, capable hands. Conservative women will get down and dirty. Sure, they'll be sad if they break a nail, but it's not something to hit up the therapist about.

They are kind.

Kind is an odd thing when talking about being sexy, I know. Most conservative women I know can peel your skin off in a single blast of invective, which hardly sounds nice. Yet they smile. A lot. Being happy and confident in themselves, they are happy and confident with others. They know we all bleep up from time to time and they deal with it then move on.

So - what do you find sexy?
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Re: Conservatism. The Sexy Choice.
« Reply #1 on: July 22, 2014, 05:10:27 PM »
I would add one to the list:

They are (almost always) married.

Part of this may be the idea that people often inherently want what they can't have. While that might be part of it, it's not the whole story. It's pretty obvious that more attractive women tend to have more male partners after them and thus they are more likely to marry young. There is a known correlation between marriage and political affiliation, too—far more married women are conservatives than single women. So, it would reason to believe that by the time you get to, say, my age (late 20s), you already see the haves and the have-nots (husbands, that is) sorting out. The pretty ones do and are becoming more conservative, the less attractive ones don't and are still rooted in liberalism.

Of course, I think that also explains a great deal of my dating troubles too!

(Though that doesn't explain how Katie Pavlich is still available…)
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