Author Topic: CNN's Sally Kohn implies conservatives racist over border with Canada  (Read 204 times)

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CNN's Sally Kohn implies conservatives racist over border with Canada

July 19, 2014

It seems these days that liberals look for any excuse to accuse conservatives of racism, even when there's no reason. If they can't directly make the accusation, then they're certain to imply it. Such was the case Saturday when CNN contributor and Daily Beast columnist Sally Kohn implied racism with a tweet wondering why conservatives aren't worried about the border with Canada, Twitchy reported.

"Along US/Canada border for few days, not single border patrol agent. Why aren't conservatives complaining about border security here? Hmm," she tweeted, in what was clearly an effort to foment hate against conservatives.

Although not directly stated, the implication is quite clear. Conservatives aren't complaining about the northern border because of racism, despite the fact that thousands of illegal immigrants are not pouring over it to get into the country. Kohn's implication was noted by a number of people who took her to task for the offensive message.

"Good grief, what an absolute moron you are, Sally. Do you even care about the truth? Pathetic," one person said in response.

"You must be in Michigan/Canada. That's where the border patrol keeps Americans IN," another person sarcastically noted.

"'m gonna have to remove you from my 'smart liberal' list for that tweet. Getting smaller everyday," said Twitter user "Rae Leggett."

Several people, falling just short of drawing Kohn a picture with crayons, informed her that unlike the southern border, there is no influx of illegals streaming across the border with Canada. One person told her that people in Canada actually wish to remain there. Other critics attacked Kohn personally, questioning her intelligence.

"Oh my. A mind is such a terrible thing to waste. What did you do to yours? Was it drugs? Drink? Twinkies?" one person asked.

"Stupidity this hilarious MUST be shared! Spread the love," another person added.

After being called out for her tweet, Kohn played the victim card, claiming she didn't say what she clearly implied.

"Funny how conservatives are attacking me for allegedly saying that not worrying about US/Canada border = racism. Cuz I didn't say that," she tweeted.

While Kohn did not directly say that conservatives are racist for not complaining about the border, she clearly implied it. Several took her to task again for not being honest enough to state her intent and own it.

"Respect you more if u just admitted what you meant: 'Republicans don't care abt Northern Border cuz white people cross it,'" one person said. "The lie is worse than original sin. Nobody w/ intact frontal lobe thinks you DIDNT mean to imply that Repubs hate brown people."

Twitchy noted that some conservatives -- like former Nevada GOP Senate candidate Sharron Angle -- do worry about the security of the northern border.

"But sane people understand that not all our borders deserve equal attention at the moment," the Twitchy staff added.
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I used to know an illegal immigrant, from Cape Breton Island (Nova Scotia). He would enter with tourist status, and then stay here in SoCal to work in construction.

He remarked that US immigration control agents DID challenge him, and one time he forfeited a travel ticket while they delayed him. Eventually they drove in by another route.

My experience with Canada is that they make it serious business for Americans to enter. In 1982, I went to Calgary, and their officials questioned me at length, on the basis I was going there to work. In fact I was there a few days on business. They didn't want outsiders, taking jobs from Canadians--early heavy oil/shale boom times.
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