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According to some, Hillary Clinton had perhaps her best interview in quite some time this week when she sat down with Charlie Rose.  Within her responses appeared a seemingly genuine indecision as to whether she would actually run for President of the United States.  She also managed to slip in what was likely a subtle dig at her husband/former president, as well as another seeming slight against Barack Obama. What does a “Clinton expert” have to say regarding the Charlie Rose interview?  Read on…

Best Hillary sit down ever.  She appeared sincere, human, thoughtful, and expert without coming off wonky.  None of those things come easy to her.  As for the not gonna run comment, she used the birth of a grandchild as a possible excuse why she would want to stay out of the race.

This might have been her best moment because she even had me almost believing it!  Here’s the real purpose of that line though.  What better reason for a new grandmother to run than to work hard to secure a better world for not just her grandchild, but all the children and grandchildren of America?  She might never admit it, but that would be classic Bill.

Speaking of which, Hillary stuck him just a bit, saying how for some people, becoming president is like finishing off their own sense of identity.  Ouch!

Then she moved on to Obama, telling Rose how being president is an all-consuming commitment that requires all your time 24/7.  She’s right of course, and that description is the exact opposite of what just about everybody now knows to be the way BO goes about the job. Hillary went on, and did it very well, about how the job has gotten bigger, and I could see her eyes saying how this last president has somehow managed to become smaller and smaller along the way.

So I’m sticking to my earlier position when I said something like she’s 100% committed and Bill is like 1000%.  There was one thing though on that that made me stop and do a little “hmmmm.”  A couple days ago Bill openly played down his role in Hillary’s decision to run or not. Now that was either him trying to help her get out of his own shadow, which has always pissed her off, or he thinks she really might be changing her mind and stepping back from another national campaign.  At this point, I don’t know. Maybe he was just pouting. His skin is a lot thinner these days, and he’s become a bit of a drama queen.  He’s always been a me-me-me kind of personality, but now it’s me-me-me, mine-mine-mine.

Hillary’s book tour from a PR perspective has been rough. The sales are even worse.  That has to be sitting pretty heavy on her pride.

I had it put to me this way recently and I think it’s about right.  2016 won’t be about whether or not Hillary can win, but more about whether the Republicans can lose. Will they unify, fight, and perform like they used to, or self destruct to the point of allowing something to be stolen right out from under them like in ’12?

I used to think Democrats were the dumb ones.  2012 made me realize this latest brand of Republican voters might just be the single dumbest animals alive today, no offense.  It’s a low quality base, and way too prone to self inflicted f*ckupery. Just a bunch of pathetic clowns!

Keep messing around, and it will be President Hillary.

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Posted byulsterman
July 19, 2014

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