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Bill Kristol: Scary We Have Two More Years of Obama Foreign Policy

BY:  Larry O'Connor
July 18, 2014 8:37 pm

Today on WMAL radio in Washington, D.C., I interviewed the Weekly Standard‘s editor, Bill Kristol, about the Israeli ground incursions into Gaza and the downing of a Malaysian jet over Ukraine.

After Kristol thoughtfully criticized the Obama administration’s lack of full support for the Israeli government’s actions and the president’s lackluster response to the airliner downing—followed by his participation in multiple Democrat fundraisers—I brought up the Republican field of presidential candidates in 2016.

I asked Kristol which candidates he had an eye on with regard to national security and foreign policy, given that Hillary Clinton, as former Secretary of State, will be granted a certain level of credibility on the subject from the mainstream media. I pointed out that Sen. Marco Rubio (R., Fla.) wasted no time in providing unequivocal support for Israel and proclaimed that any innocent deaths in Gaza were the responsibility of Hamas.

Kristol responded that there was an interesting debate going on in the GOP and “what’s scary, really, is that we have two more years of president Obama.”

KRISTOL:  ”There’s a pretty interesting debate going on in the Republican Party. Rand Paul has expressed his views, Rick Perry challenged them recently, Marco Rubio challenged them. I think it’s going to be a big issue in the Republican primaries, not an ideological issue entirely, but also who has the knowledge, the character, the strength to deal with this incredibly dangerous world that, unfortunately, President Obama is going to leave his successor.

And what’s scary really, is that we have two more years of President Obama.  I hope, as an american, I hope that he pivots and gets serious about dealing with the chaos that is spreading around the world.
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